Currently, the Indie Game Magazine comes out bi-monthly, so each subscription includes 6 issues. There are a few different types of subscriptions that we offer:


Subscribe to IGM
Subscribe to IGM
Subscribe to IGM
Subscribe to IGM

1.Zinio Digital Subscription ($19.95) – This subscription gets you 6 issues of the magazine through the #1 Digital Magazine Distributor and Publisher in the world. This subscription allows you to download or read the magazine online. Issues are enhanced with digital content: links, videos, game demos and more.

2. Premiere Digital Subscription ($24.95)– The annual digital subscription is great for those game developers and avid indie game enthusiasts out there. A Digital Subscription saves you cash and automatically emails you PDFs of the magazine as they come out. You are free to download and print them at your leisure. All the PDFs are enhanced with digital content links to video game trailers, game demos, and more.

3. Magazine Subscription ($39.95) -Save 30% OFF the cover price! and get every issue mailed to your home! If you are in Canada or the United Kingdom please use the link above

Single Issues

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