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Free Flash Game: Coil

January 22, 2009
Coil by Edward McMillen & Florian Himsl
Coil is quite possible the weirdest game I have ever played and is in the running for the IGF’s 2009 Innovation Award. The graphics are incredible and the presentation sublime. The atmospheric music and ‘silent film’ style text all work to create an entirely new experience. There’s no instructions as the game is described as an experimental art game. Each Level is different with different mechanics and for a flash game, the story is pretty engaging. I’m not sure if Coil is a video game, but it certainly is a work of art.
Rating: This Game is Free!

Free Game: Beyond Negotiation (Java)

January 14, 2009
Beyond Negotiation by Blasting Pixels

Beyond Negotiation is a top-down shooter similar to Geometry Wars. The controls are simple and you’ll instantly be blasting invading aliens. The game features clean pixelart style graphics and some fantastic particle effects. The sound isn’t too shabby either, but what really makes this game so damn addictive is the upgrade system. After every few waves, a screen will pop up offering you 3 random upgrades. You pick one upgrade and in most cases it is automatically activating (genius). The randomness of the upgrades and the ability to only choose 1 keeps you playing and offers a different experience each time you play since your ship will upgrade in a different fashion. I cannot believe that this game is not ad-sponsored or sold on mobile devices, it’s a great little geometry wars clone which you’ll end up playing a lot longer than you expected.
Rating: This Game is Free!