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Free Flash Game: Closure

February 5, 2009
Closure by Tyler Glaiel & Jon Schubbe
Closure is a very interesting platformer with a unique art style. The game is entirely black & white and its visuals are reminiscent of drawings on a chalkboard. The gameplay itself is pretty interesting and unique. It has the general mechanics of any platformer, but it experiments with light & dark…basically if you can see it – it exists….if you can’t see it…then you’re falling to your doom. It is certainly a novel experiment with the typical platform formula.
Rating: Check it Out.

Free Online Game: Globulos

February 3, 2009
Globulos by Globz
Globulos is an online multiplayer game featuring little gummy globs in 20 different games. The games are all turn based and are based on “pool table” type collisions and physics. The games are pretty diverse and finding a game to play against somebody takes only a few seconds. The graphics are very clean and bright and the 20 games give you a lot of variety on the “pool” mechanics and simple controls.
Rating: Check it Out!

Free Flash Game: Burn the Rope

January 19, 2009

Burn the Rope by Mazapan

Burn the Rope is nominated for the 2009 IGF Innovation Award and rightly so. It is touted as an anti-game about false choices in interactivity. The game is basically one big boss fight and takes only a few minutes to beat, but it’s really a satire on gaming. It’s a pretty funny joke and the highlight is definitely the song at the end credits. It’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes to experience. Should it win the Innovation Award? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly a pretty funny joke. Good Luck against the Grinning Colossus.

Rating: Check it Out!

Free Downloadable Game: ShockBall

January 11, 2009
Shockball by BoĊĦtjan Grandovec

Shockball is basically soccer meets marbles meets pool. The game is head to head against a human or computer opponent and is turn based. The goal is to hit the shockball into the other player’s goal by rolling your own sphere into it. The controls are simple…aim with the keyboard and set your power by holding and releasing the left mouse button. The game has nice clean 3D graphics and an excellent User Interface. The game’s sound/music fits the sci-fi sports theme well and is well produced. All in all this game is definitely worthy of being downloaded and checked out…the gameplay itself is a little repetitive and getting a goal can take awhile…but hey it’s free.
Rating: Check it Out!

Free Game: Left 4k Dead

January 9, 2009
Left4kDead by Markus Persson
Left4kDead is inspired by Valve’s Left4Dead and is an over the top Zombie Shooter. It controls excellently…somewhat reminiscent of a FPS…w,a,s,d move your player and the mouse aims your flashlight/gun, left click fires. The game’s graphics are blocky and could use an upgrade, but the gameplay is very very good. You walk around each leven and can only see in the immediate area around/behind you and then further where you point your flashlight. The game definitely succeeds in creating a great horror mood and some panic when you realize that tons of zombies are surrounding you. A great little free online game definitely worth the time….if the graphics were better this would be an unbelievable free game.

Rating: Check it Out!