Indie – Independent. Small. Good.

Game – Video Game, PC Game, and the like

Mag – Magazine

Indie Game Magazine is an independently owned, developer-centric, video game magazine. Indie Game Mag reviews and reports news on indie and casual games only! To our knowledge, we are the only exclusively indie game magazine available…so we have that going for us.

What are indie games? Indie games are video games made by only a hand full of people, as opposed to the massive teams that make up the largest game studios. Indie Games are typically published by the people that make them or by some other small casual portal or distributor.

What are casual games? Casual games in many cases are made by small indie game developers and qualify as indie games. Casual games are defined by simple rule sets and appeal to a wide mass audience. Typical casual game genres include: match-3, time management, seek & find, puzzle, etc. Indie games are often times casual games, but casual games are not necessarily indie.

About Our Reviews:

We rate all of our games based on their graphics, gameplay, sound, and lasting appeal. Each category is given a score on a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfect and 1 being horrendous). The average of these scores is tallied to give each game a percentage score and grade (A thru F). Games are more than the sum of their parts, so we do adjust our average scores based on our final assessment of the game, its appeal, creativity, uniqueness, and overall value.

About Our Free Game Ratings:

In most cases, it is not fair to rate free games on the same scale as higher production downloadable titles. We keep it simple and rate free games on the following scale:

This Game is Free! – pretty self explanatory, but this rating means that you should be playing this game immediately. The game is so good we can’t believe they are not charging for it.

Check this Out! – this rating is for those free games that are well above average and are definitely worth checking out and spending some time playing.

Try It – This rating goes to the vast majority of free games. It means the game is decent or average and will bring you at least a few minutes of entertainment.

Not Worth the Time – This rating goes to all the free web games out there that are so average, overdone, simple or just plain poor that ultimately they’re not even worth your time. Generally, you’ll bore of the game quicker than it takes to load the game itself.


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