Developer Profile: Alex of Dreamspike

Name: Alex Kutsenok
Studio: Dreamspike
Game Titles: The Quest, Space War Commander
Fav Indie Game: FastCrawl
Fav Retro Game: Battle Arena Toshinden
Best Current Gen Game: Star Chamber
Best Game Console Ever: Playstation 1

What is the best game of all time and why?
Everquest is the best game of all time so far. It was atmospheric and also very difficult to succeed in, so success really meant something. I’ve played that game for about 4 months, which is the most time I’ve ever spent on a single game.

What is the goal of your indie game studio?
We want to make original games that force the player to think like never before. Our games are hard but oh-so-rewarding when you succeed in them. We feel like games should be about player creativity and thought, and not about reflexes or doing anything repetitive.

Why did you start developing indie games?
I’ve been making games all my life. Card games, board games, role-playing games, and so on. Computer games are better because I know someone will actually play them! My first game was The Quest, a graphical role-playing game. I started receiving fan mail when I was 17 years-old, and I knew there was no turning back after that.

What is the biggest mistake you have made as a game developer?
Not listening to testers as much as I should. Often, there is such a temptation to just stick with the way things are because so much time was spent on designing and implementing a particular feature. However, if the testers say it’s broken or bad…they are right.

What has been your biggest success?
Finishing Space War Commander. This has been the biggest project I’ve ever been involved in; it took a lot of patience and work to put everything together. Also, I am very proud of the gameplay, which is quite original, simple to get into, and most importantly…fun!


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