Free Downloadable Game: Eversion

Eversion by Zaratustra
Eversion is a very odd and brightly colored platformer. The goal is to collect as many gems as possible and get to the end of the level. The platform mechanics are stiff and the gravity is set way too high. The music/sound attempts to be retro but is really just annoying. What really kills this game is that the initial world is very similarly laid out to the original Mario Bros…this just makes you want to search out a free ROM of the NES classic.
Rating: Not Worth the Time

16 Responses to “Free Downloadable Game: Eversion”

  1. Simon Zeno Says:

    You… didn’t actually play past the first level, did you?

    Give it another go.

  2. Game Developer Says:

    Play past the first level and you will see some interesting gameplay mechanics.
    This is a great game with many challenges ahead.

  3. Nick Says:

    Gotta love it when reviewers don’t actually bother to play the game they’re reviewing.

  4. PratzStrike Says:

    Eversion is awesome. But yeah, you really, really need to play past the first few levels. The game is difficult, but short. Fun, though.

  5. Aaron Says:

    It has Eight levels, two endings, an awesome mechanic… and yet I must come to the same conclusion. Reviewer did not do his research.

    No offense intended, but I think you owe it to the game to play it through.

  6. Zaratustra Says:

    Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Luis Miguez Says:

    Dude, the rest of the game is there. It is worth the time.

    Wonderful review. :-\

  8. xyzzyx39 Says:

    “Eversion is a very odd and brightly colored platformer” – yeah right. Did you notice the intro screen that says it’s “not suitable for children”? That’s not a joke, and I’m afraid you’ve missed the point by a mile and a half.

  9. Joshua J. Mononoetoe Says:

    Oh man. You fail, mr. Reviewer. You epic fail.

    I mean, you didn’t even play past the first level! The game’s really dark and scary even, you know?

    I guess you don’t.

  10. Neko Says:

    Wow, shame on the reviewer. I’m embarassed to even be posting here, but I gotta agree: EPIC FAIL!

    This game has wonderful depths and I doubt the reviewer even downloaded it… probably just saw the screenshots and posted a quick “review” to get ad money.

  11. Lord DoomRater Says:

    Play World 4, then tell me this game is a clone of Mario. Do it.

  12. Mão Says:

    This review is a perfect example of incompetence.

  13. Moongoose Says:


    Please learn what the Everse button does, then try playing the game again.

  14. Korodzik Says:

    I just had to:

  15. -B- Says:

    Yeah… basically, this review just cost this site a ton of credibility. Seriously – do they even play any of the other games they review? Because they sure as hell didn’t here.

  16. Nosferatu5 Says:

    -B-, how true. It’s a shame, since Eversion is a great game.

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