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Free Flash Game: Coil

January 22, 2009
Coil by Edward McMillen & Florian Himsl
Coil is quite possible the weirdest game I have ever played and is in the running for the IGF’s 2009 Innovation Award. The graphics are incredible and the presentation sublime. The atmospheric music and ‘silent film’ style text all work to create an entirely new experience. There’s no instructions as the game is described as an experimental art game. Each Level is different with different mechanics and for a flash game, the story is pretty engaging. I’m not sure if Coil is a video game, but it certainly is a work of art.
Rating: This Game is Free!

Free Flash Game: Burn the Rope

January 19, 2009

Burn the Rope by Mazapan

Burn the Rope is nominated for the 2009 IGF Innovation Award and rightly so. It is touted as an anti-game about false choices in interactivity. The game is basically one big boss fight and takes only a few minutes to beat, but it’s really a satire on gaming. It’s a pretty funny joke and the highlight is definitely the song at the end credits. It’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes to experience. Should it win the Innovation Award? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly a pretty funny joke. Good Luck against the Grinning Colossus.

Rating: Check it Out!

IGM is now on Zinio!

January 14, 2009

The Indie Game Magazine Digital Subscription is now available on Zinio for $19.95 (you can also download/buy single copies). Zinio is the #1 Digital Newsstand in the world and IGM is happy to have this enhanced delivery method available to its customers.
About Zinio
Zinio is the leading global online publishing, distribution services company, with divisions focusing on digital magazine and book publishing, publisher growth services, retail services, cutting edge research and development and interactive media. Zinio’s robust technical platform — featuring a highly desirable online retail store, fulfillment capabilities, secure online and offline reading products, production services and marketing services — enables consumers, regardless of geographic location, to search, purchase and immediately access digital publications, rather than waiting weeks or months for fulfillment and delivery.

Free Game: Beyond Negotiation (Java)

January 14, 2009
Beyond Negotiation by Blasting Pixels

Beyond Negotiation is a top-down shooter similar to Geometry Wars. The controls are simple and you’ll instantly be blasting invading aliens. The game features clean pixelart style graphics and some fantastic particle effects. The sound isn’t too shabby either, but what really makes this game so damn addictive is the upgrade system. After every few waves, a screen will pop up offering you 3 random upgrades. You pick one upgrade and in most cases it is automatically activating (genius). The randomness of the upgrades and the ability to only choose 1 keeps you playing and offers a different experience each time you play since your ship will upgrade in a different fashion. I cannot believe that this game is not ad-sponsored or sold on mobile devices, it’s a great little geometry wars clone which you’ll end up playing a lot longer than you expected.
Rating: This Game is Free!

Free Downloadable Game: ShockBall

January 11, 2009
Shockball by BoĊĦtjan Grandovec

Shockball is basically soccer meets marbles meets pool. The game is head to head against a human or computer opponent and is turn based. The goal is to hit the shockball into the other player’s goal by rolling your own sphere into it. The controls are simple…aim with the keyboard and set your power by holding and releasing the left mouse button. The game has nice clean 3D graphics and an excellent User Interface. The game’s sound/music fits the sci-fi sports theme well and is well produced. All in all this game is definitely worthy of being downloaded and checked out…the gameplay itself is a little repetitive and getting a goal can take awhile…but hey it’s free.
Rating: Check it Out!

Free Game: Left 4k Dead

January 9, 2009
Left4kDead by Markus Persson
Left4kDead is inspired by Valve’s Left4Dead and is an over the top Zombie Shooter. It controls excellently…somewhat reminiscent of a FPS…w,a,s,d move your player and the mouse aims your flashlight/gun, left click fires. The game’s graphics are blocky and could use an upgrade, but the gameplay is very very good. You walk around each leven and can only see in the immediate area around/behind you and then further where you point your flashlight. The game definitely succeeds in creating a great horror mood and some panic when you realize that tons of zombies are surrounding you. A great little free online game definitely worth the time….if the graphics were better this would be an unbelievable free game.

Rating: Check it Out!

Free LAN Game: Worm Network

January 7, 2009

Worm Network is an ONLINE only Multiplayer Death Match Game. Each player is given a ship that controls a lot like Asteroids. You race around an enclosed arena blasting at each other. The game’s ships and attacks look pretty decent, but the rest of the game could use a serious graphics overhaul. There’s no way to really enjoy this unless you have a few computers and can setup a LAN. At least the basic gameplay works and the controls are decent. My biggest question is why set this game in space if I’m confined to an arbitrary white circle? Try this only if you have the knowhow and equipment to enjoy it.

Rating: a hesitant Try It

Free Downloadable Game: Eversion

January 5, 2009
Eversion by Zaratustra
Eversion is a very odd and brightly colored platformer. The goal is to collect as many gems as possible and get to the end of the level. The platform mechanics are stiff and the gravity is set way too high. The music/sound attempts to be retro but is really just annoying. What really kills this game is that the initial world is very similarly laid out to the original Mario Bros…this just makes you want to search out a free ROM of the NES classic.
Rating: Not Worth the Time

Free Flash Game: Pig Race

January 2, 2009

Pig Race by Picaso Games
Pig Race is a free flash game where you move your pig into 3 lanes using the arrow keys and jump with the space key. The goal is to collect a lot of acorns while avoiding obstacles…all in all it’s a very simple concept like most flash games are. The graphics are nice and a notch above typical flash fare, but ultimately Pig Race is a flimsy, forgetable experience. There’s much better flash games out there.