Caster Preview

Caster is an upcoming 3rd person shooter action game from developer Mike Smith of Elecorn. The game controls like a first person shooter with the keyboard moving your character and the mouse handling all your aiming and shooting. The basic premise of the game is rid your world of the bug-like Phanx with your magical energy attacks.

The copy we played was a preview build for the Independent Game Festival. While the game’s 3D graphics are low-res, there’s definitely some impressive real time terrain deformation, particle effects, and lighting going on under the hood. The gameplay is also very playable with responsive controls and a good mission structure and upgrade/leveling system. What really impressed me though was the fantastic music that this game already has in place (and the fact that the game was programmed/animated by a 1 person studio).

Caster has the potential to be a very impressive game. The basic structure is in place, but the game needs a significant graphics upgrade. The level textures are horrendously low resolution and the main character needs some more polygons. If Elecorn takes the time to balance the difficulty, and give the graphics an overhaul, Caster could be an amazing indie game. The gameplay, speed, and action packed levels are already fun to play and the music definitely adds a lot to the game. With varied magical attacks, excellent music, great particle/lighting effects, a level-up system, and what looks to be a great game engine, Caster is poised to be a high octane action game. I only hope that a new coat of paint gets slapped on to improve the game’s 3d Graphics (the 2d Graphics are great).


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