Awesome Soccer Preview

Awesome Soccer by Red27 Studios is a no frills soccer (football) game that focuses on simple and deep gameplay. Awesome Soccer immediately reminds one of the classic Sensible World of Soccer. Awesome soccer has a simplified control system where you move with the keyboard and only have one button to execute all your passing, shooting, slide tackling, etc. There is also an aftertouch system that allows you to put “swerve” on your shots (another similarity to Sensible World of Soccer). Luckily for Awesome Soccer, it’s visuals are not a decade old. Awesome soccer has very fluid player sprites and large soccer photographs that display as menu backdrops. While Awesome Soccer shares its gameplay mechanics heavily with SWOS, it does have a lot more features, league options, strategy elements, management options etc. than the arcade sports game classic. If you were a fan of SWOS, Awesome Soccer will certainly give you a similar gaming experience while offering downloadable tournaments and other team, and league managment options. Don’t be fooled though, Awesome Soccer does not attempt to simulate the sport, but instead replicates classic arcade soccer gameplay. Scoring is much more prevalent, but isn’t that more fun anyways?


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