Developer Profile: Mike Smith / Elecorn

Name: Mike D. Smith
Game Studio: Elecorn
Studio Size: 1
List your titles: Caster (and some other stuff that’s really too small to mention formally… Bouncer, R&J paint)
Fav Indie Game: Ether Vapor (if you haven’t played it, it’s a must!)
Fav Retro Game (N64 or older): A toss up between the original Metroid for NES and Mega Man 2.
Best Current Gen Game: Hard to say. I really liked Oni by Bungie, but that’s not really “current gen” now.
Best Game Console Ever: GameCube, yes, I know I’m in a minority on that.

What is the best game of all time and why?

That’s a tough one, so I’m just going to give my favorite instead. Oni by Bungie on PC / Mac. Third person action melee and shooter with great controls. Still haven’t found a game that combines the two that well. Although Collapse by Creoteam looks like it might be better and I’m really excited about it.

What is the goal of your indie game studio?

It’s a venue for me to create game play experiences for other people. My goals is to continue to create and share fun and uplifting experiences with others.

When did you start developing indie games?

Probably in 2002. Before then it was just playing around and I never made anything serious or complete.

What is the biggest mistake you have made as a game developer?

Sadly, depending too much on other people without a proven track record has been my biggest mistake. For whatever reason, most people seldom finish games or other ambitious projects projects. Nowadays I always have a fall back just in case people I’m working with don’t come though.

What has been your biggest success?

So far, submitting Caster to IGF. Notice, I didn’t say winning. For me, just finishing the game to a point where I felt comfortable submitting it to IGF is a huge accomplishment.


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